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Sweat like a pig, feel like a fox..!

The fabulous and great fun This Girl Can campaign is creating waves in the media at the moment.  

As the television ads went live, the campaign trended on Twitter and influential media commentators including Caitlin Moran waded in with enthusiastic support @Caitlinmoran ‘Watch this, and prepare to feel AMAZING ABOUT BEING A WOMAN AND HAVING A BODY’.

The campaign arose from research into understanding participation in sport (or lack of it...)  among girls and young women  There are increasing concerns about young people’s participation in sport: studies have found that boys are more likely to participate in sports and physical activity compared to girls at secondary school age and that the gap between the genders becomes more pronounced as you go through the teenage years.

Family and friends were considered to be among the most important factors influencing participation in sport which is why mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunties and uncles all have a role to play in setting a good example and giving encouragement to young girls today.

The This Girl Can campaign laughs in the face of some of the other issues identified as affecting girls’ participation in sport – namely body confidence and fear of being no good.

To quote the campaign, let’s get ‘Sweating like a pig’ and we’ll start ‘Feeling like a fox’.  And let’s set a great example and encourage girls and women around us to join in the fun.

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