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Fun on the Beach in Rockley Cove Girls' UV Swimwear

Having fun in the sun on the beach is one of the best ways for friends and families to spend long summer days.  The gorgeous little models in our photo shoot had great fun on the secluded, sandy Hengistbury Head beach in Dorset making our ‘Behind the Scenes’ film.

If last summer was anything to go by, we should all be looking forward to some great sunshine again this year.  However, parents should always be aware of the risks of sunburn in young children with super sensitive skin.

UV levels in the summer sunshine are particularly high and children’s skin needs extra protection – especially on backs, necks and shoulders.  

A rash vest sun top will give all-day long protection against sunburn, without the need to worry about re-applying sun creams, leaving children free to play and swim until they drop.  We know all about it – when we made this film we had to drag the girls off the beach as the sun was going down!



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